Monday, January 24, 2011

breakfast bento #4

More ham sandwiches for breakfast!  I wanted to give my cutters a work-out.  It's a spring-themed bento, but I'm not especially eager for spring to come: I like snow!  Apparently this is what happens when one was raised in Michigan.

- ham cooked in Bull-Dog sauce sandwich; ham and cheese characters
- satsuma


  1. Love it! But how do you get the little cut-outs to stay on the sandwich if you're taking it somewhere? Sorry I'm bento challenged... ;-)

  2. they were right up against the lid, so they stayed on. but some people will use mayo, mustard, anything sticky to "glue" pieces on.

  3. Ha-ha! Kudos to you. After reading back from the start, I would've never hoped to see an 'Americanized bento' on your list. But to be fair, they can be quite nutritious too, if you do them in moderation. Nothing wrong with a sandwich and a piece of fruit every so often.