Thursday, February 17, 2011

bento... halusky, deconstructed... #18

As I was cooking, I realized this bento had all the aspects of halushky.  I guess it's more like a Polish halusky-- traditional Slovak halusky involves dumplings, sheep's cheese, and bacon.  Growing up, ours included fried cabbage and noodles, which I have today.

- the straw-looking stuff is leftover ww noodles, mixed with eggs and cheese and baked... like a noodle frittata
- one last hot dog!  trying to use things up
- cabbage fried with mustard seed, cumin, garlic, and tumeric... it looked yellow when I cooked it, not so much in the photo, though.
- carrot kinpira... and still have some left.
- cucumbers and two balloon grapes!

I was happy with all the colors I have: white, green, orange, purple, yellow, red... these days, I have a hard time getting anything green in!  My options are cucumber or green pepper.


  1. I find my bentos have a lot of green (thanks broccoli!), but not so much of the rest. Looks good, though. Cabbage looks green to me.

  2. I used tumeric in the cabbage, and that gives it a yellow tint. Otherwise, it's too much white for a bento. :)