Saturday, January 29, 2011

breakfast bento #6

My friends Alyssa-14, Emma-12, and Trey-10 spent the night on Friday... we played games, cooked, and watched a movie.  Before we went out to do some winter hiking Saturday morning, I made them breakfast bentos... Emma had gone crazy looking at all my accessories the night before, so I knew at least one of them would enjoy them.  ;)

I was barely awake when making these... Trey's is in front, Alyssa's in back.

- cup with strawberries and yogurt.  the hearts got a little squished.  ;)
- ham croissant sandwich
- half a satsuma
- grape skewer, oh, and a little cheese garnish

Nothing especially fancy.  We had no sun today, so not much natural light to work with in my kitchen at 8am.  I ate the leftover yogurt as I was making these, then made a bento for myself with a sandwich and fruit... but never took a picture.


  1. I am loving your breakfast bentos! Always neat ideas!

  2. Thanks! I never knew I liked breakfast so much! ;)

  3. I love your beagle pick!! Where did you get it? (I am a total dog lover.)

  4. I got the beagle pick in a swap on the flickr group "bento swap." Cute, no?

  5. STEPH!!!!! I LUVVVVV BENTO! I want to get some now!!! Well, my birthday is coming up, I'm planning on getting some with birthday money! ;)