Thursday, January 27, 2011

bento #10

I had to make a trip to"the big city" (Indianapolis) ;) yesterday, so I took a bento.  Actually, I didn't end up eating it because I just waited and had an early dinner (Al Basha... gyro... yummy).  So, this bento will be lunch today:

- hardboiled egg... I need to remember to buy X-Large eggs so my animals will have ears, but I've been buying large for years so automatically go for them
- cucumber slices
- satsuma
- two octodogs
- a "sea" of rice noodles with leftover potsticker sauce.  And some scallion and spinach
- with a little bear swimming full of soy sauce

Also, I checked out three Asian/Japanese restaurants on the northside Indy.  One had one bento box, and another had about half a dozen, but all were rather expensive, so I didn't get anything.  Was able to pick up a few ingredients to make more Japanese food.  And some grape leaves... I've been craving lamb and dolmades.  And kibbe, and kafta... you get the idea.  At least the gyro temporarily put a patch on that Middle Eastern craving.

1 comment:

  1. I have the same egg mold! And the rice noodles look very tasty.

    I LOVE dolmathes. I actually made a bento with them once. Super yum, lol!