Monday, September 30, 2013

bento #156

Another go at inari zushi-- these look cuter than the ones I made last week, little Rilakkumas.

- potato salad with corn
- yellow pepper
- hot dog "flowers"
- tamagoyaki
- spinach cooked with garlic and sesame chili oil
- Rilkakuma inari zushi and cherry tomatoes

all packed in my new Jiji bento with Jiji chopsticks!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

bento #155

I made matching bentos for when my friend came over; we've been watching Foyle's War, a British mystery show, so I thought these would be fun to eat while we watch.

Each bento contains, in the larger tier:
- kara-age
- onigiri with salmon furikake around it
- a piece of tamagoyaki
- an octodog
- spinach cooked with garlic and sesame chili oil

In the smaller tier:
- potato salad with corn and a cherry tomato
- yellow pepper slices
- raspberries and a jelly

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

bento #154

Got a little sandwich press and wanted to try it out... this bento was actually from a while ago, like when I had kabocha squash.  Cute tiny sandwiches make a nice snack but could never fill me up.

- rabbit, flower, and bear bologna and cheese sandwiches.  They don't show up as well on whole-grain bread
- okra
- kabocha squash
- grape skewer

Great snack!  There's also a little gummy hiding in the pink wrapper...

Monday, September 23, 2013

bento #153

Kara-age bento!  I'm borrowing a deep fryer from my parents, so I got to deep fry it this time.  I've also had fun making french fries, churros, and a few other things I don't normally make.

- kara-age with a cherry tomato
- potato salad with corn
- okra and a piece of tamagoyaki
- raspberries my friend Casey brought me
- onigiri with salmon furikake
- two octodogs (well, I think they had four and six legs each)
- jelly treat

Saturday, September 21, 2013

bento #152

Decided to try my hand at inari zushi... perfect Saturday afternoon activity, right?  I saw a cute one with a cat on pinterest and happened to have tofu skins from a recent visit to the Asian food store.  My cat looks more like scary cat than cute cat, though.  :)

- inari zushi, 3 pouches
- potato salad with corn
- 2 pieces of kara-age
- yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes

I'm running out of veg, which is why there's nothing green in here!  As it was, I had to bike to my friend's house to get the cherry tomatoes  :)