Monday, January 10, 2011

at-home bento

One of the reasons I love bento is because it encourages healthy eating.  To me, bento isn't about cutting up a traditional American sandwich-lunch into cute shapes and putting in a packet of crisps.  It's about including vegetables.

So, I've started doing a few "at-home" bentos, which aren't traditionally bento, but include that all-important aspect of healthy eating.  I'm single, so typically, I'll sit down with a bowl of chili or whatever I'm eating for lunch/dinner, and the vegetables I eat are whatever's cooked into the meal.

While reorganizing my plastic cupboard, I found this divided plate... well, I actually found it after I bought two others.  ;)  It's the perfect thing to remind me to eat more than just the main dish!

So, at-home bento #1:
- chili with portobello mushrooms and onions (I put onion in almost everything)
- sliced English cucumber
- clementine, which was a banana when I had the same thing for dinner :D

It doesn't look especially attractive, I know... (I'm pretty sure only a professional photographer can make chili look good), but it's mostly healthy!

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