Saturday, January 15, 2011

bento #5

Last night I made a mini dinner bento... I was already working in the kitchen, so made it up ahead of time for when I'd be hungry.  I didn't think I had anything but veg to put in it, but a little poking around in the fridge and freezer produced two onigiri and some leftover tuna soboro that needed to be used up.

- two brown rice onigiri, one with tuna soboro inside, the other with it sprinkled on top
- sesame spinach
- cherry tomatoes

One of the things I'm realizing about bento is that all the flavors in bento don't always complement each other.  I'm a fan of simple tastes: two items at most on my pizza, no more than two veg/additions in my salad.  Therefore, combining four or more things in a meal is odd for me... I think three is my limit, but that's not exactly bento!  We'll see how this works out.


  1. Thanks, it was! except that the spinach and tomatoes tasted weird when eaten after each other... still thinking about that aspect of bento.