Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've been researching,

always researching.  One of my favorite things to do.

I thought I'd tell you about some of my favorite bento blogs.

I'm finding more, and I'll share those later, but for now... I think I have plenty to share.  :)

http://justbento.com/  I think this was one of the first bento blogs I found... I sat down and read it "cover to cover."  Maki has many great recipes here, and many can be frozen for later.  She also covers some bento basics like making onigiri.  A great Japanese focus.

http://www.hapabento.com/  Great pictures, lots of colorful veg!  Another huge favorite.  Lots of vegetarian bentos as well.

http://www.mybentolicious.com/  Such kawaii bentos this Indonesian mom makes for her two children.

http://notabrownbag.wordpress.com/  Yum yum... looking at these bentos makes you want to make some yourself... and then eat them.  :)

That's four of my favorites... I have many more, and the list keeps expanding!  I think I'll use a blog reader specifically for bento... but, I like seeing the websites instead.

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