Monday, May 16, 2011

breakfast bento ideas

I'm still collecting/on the lookout for ideas for breakfast bento, so if anyone has anyone, pipe in!

tamagoyaki, of course
breakfast rolls... with spring or egg roll wrapping (not sure if I could do nori in the morning)
yogurt and granola

Sausage and rice
Croissant and jam
Hard-boiled egg
Sausage bun/roll
Scotch egg
Whole wheat muffin
Baked custard

I'm a bit stumped, obviously!  I actually had a few more ideas, but then I forgot to save my original "bento ideas" file before I re-installed the operating system on my computer... whoops.


  1. Fruit salad is also a great breakfast, or fruit with yogurt dip. I also like oatmeal (with dried fruit and nuts) and peanut butter on toast.

  2. Oh, mini muffins or mini pancakes would be good too! Blueberry, chocolate chip, pumpkin etc.

  3. yum, mini muffins! I put a muffin in my bento the other day, but it wasn't for breakfast.