Tuesday, January 11, 2011

first "sushi" bento

A lot of "firsts" with my bento experiences these days... I've had sushi a few times before, but just a mild California roll or something similar... no raw fish.  ;)  I like it as long as I'm in the mood; however, the taste wasn't as strong as I'd remembered.  Sometimes the smell of nori can be a bit much.

Anyway, bento #4 (don't you love my creative titles?)

- sushi rolls with (tinned) tuna mixed with chili sauce and cucumber
- hard boiled egg (included a few bunnies... for my first bento in the year of the rabbit!)
- spinach cooked in sesame oil, with a few black sesames
- cherry tomatoes, cucumber
- a satsuma

I wasn't as good at filling in the spaces as I was with my first bento... in fact, as I was taking the picture, I noticed a gap behind the clementine, so ran and cut another piece of cucumber.  ;)

I used brown rice to make the sushi... it held together okay, but hey, I need the protein!  As much as I love white rice, it's not as healthy nor filling.

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  1. your bento is really cute! i especially love the bunny egg!