Friday, December 3, 2010

My latest: bento

Now this isn't especially surprising, as it deals with FOOD.  However, I've never had much of an interest in Asian cultures, not even food-wise, so that was surprising.

I've recently read these two blogs "cover to cover:"

I'm learning a lot of new terminology: nori (well, okay, already knew that one), tomo, soboro, onigiri, oshibori... all of it Japanese English, I guess.  I'm still unclear on some pronunciations.  :D

There are MANY bento blogs out there, but I prefer the ones that focus on Japanese-inspired foods and not American takes on bento, with goldfish crackers and Hershey's bars.

One of the reasons this interests me is the healthy food.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, little processed food (although the Japanese do seem to have an interesting obsession with processed cheese and hot dogs).  I can easily shape this to fit my nutrition needs by including lots of protein, whole grains, and veg!  Plus, I've never been a sandwich person (I pretty much skip over all the sandwich bentos), so I like these lunch ideas much better!

All the cutesy accessories don't hurt either.  It surprised me that I was attracted to this, as I'm not much of a cutesy girl, but the kawaii (cute, I think, is a rough translation) really draws me in.  Cute+food=yummy!  There are super-fancy bento called kyraben,

but I don't plan to make anything that complicated.  Mine would probably look more like this:

That is, when I start this sometime next year.  ;)

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