Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Snack bento... #7

Snacks are perfect for Saturdays.  :)  I got hungry and decided to put together a snack bento.  Actually, it was based on another one I'd seen with cut-out cheese, and I wanted to use my new cutters, too.

- skewer of green pepper and cucumber slices
- one last cherry tomato
- triscuits with pepperoni slices
- cheese and pickle skewer (I wanted to use olives but mine were sliced, not whole)
- the little orange cup contains ranch for the veg

I couldn't find the right size of container... this one was a little too large, but my others were too small.  You'd think, with the stash I have, that wouldn't be a problem!

I keep trying to incorporate more veg into my bentos; I'm a bit picky as I only like raw peppers (but not American ones, just Slovak), cucumber, tomato, and baby carrots.  One trend I'm noticing upon cruising several bento blogs is that many include little to no vegetables; this seems to be more common in what I've dubbed "American bentos" which typically feature a sandwich, lots of carbs, and when something fresh is included, it's one or more fruits.  Oh, and candy/other dessert, too!  Apparently Americans have several sweet teeth.

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  1. We Americans do love our carbs and sweets. I make it a rule that my bento have to include one veggie and one fruit at least. I usually include one "cheat" item, though. Usually its in the form of cheese, my favorite food. :D

    I'm like you in that I prefer raw vegetables, and I leave them crispy when I do cook them, much to my husband's dismay. (He liked them soft. Blech!)