Thursday, January 13, 2011

at-home bento #2... for breakfast

I haven't been hungry lately... a lot going on, too much stress, not enough "doing."  I promised my friend I'd eat at least three times a day, something nutritious, so I'm counting on bento to help me.

Yesterday morning, for example, I was hungry... for cinnamon toast crunch.  :D  So, I told myself I could have some if I ate something healthy as well, and made this up:

- cinnamon toast crunch
- hardboiled egg... need to get some larger eggs because the bear's ears didn't quite turn out
- sunflower seeds... more protein, and I needed something else to fill space.  I should have used a smaller bento-- would have had to eat less, then!
- a clementine.

It's hard coming up with ideas for a breakfast bento!  Maybe if I'd had more on hand, but it's not like lunch where I just put in vegetables to fill empty spaces.  While I do like savory food for breakfast, I don't like raw veg for breakfast.

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