Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bento #8

Wow, how did I get to #8 already?  And, if I count my breakfast bentos, I've made a dozen!

Using my new hamburger bento:
- bottom layer: leftover pork chow mein (I didn't put anything in the middle brown layer... that's where the fork and spoon live)
- ground turkey meatballs with Bull-Dog sauce in the yellow bear
- sauteed zucchini
- satsuma

I've been practicing eating with chopsticks lately-- I've never used them before.  I can handle the chow mein okay, but anything small, like the leftover bits when I'm almost finished eating, are difficult for me to eat.  Practice, practice, practice...

A question: does anyone know if you're supposed to refrigerate Bull-Dog sauce?  The package doesn't specify.


  1. I think chipsticks are more fun to eat with. I'm pretty good at eating with them, but I've been using them for years. I even got compliments on my chopstick eating abilities while in Japan, lol.

    As for bulldog sauce, yes, I would refrigerate it. It's got a tomato base, like ketchup, and could spoil.

  2. I found that chopsticks take too long! I'm still hungry by the time I'm done eating because my food has already digested and I'm ready for more. ;)

  3. I've half-heartedly tried chopsticks and have failed rather miserably. I will have to retry one of these days... the bento looks extra good!

  4. TJ, keep trying those chopsticks! Even if it's just five/ten minutes at a time... eventually they'll "click" and you'll be able to use them without thinking! I went to use some today, but all six pairs needed washed.