Friday, January 14, 2011

Yay! New bento gear

... now granted, I haven't exactly packed enough bento to qualify for new supplies, but that's part of who I am: I jump right in to something new!

From Bento & Co:
- set of 4 miffy boxes, 480/300/180/100 ml.  I forsee these getting a lot of use.  :)  Perfect sizes for anything
- zoony black cat, 310 ml
- onigiri box.  cute!
- egg holder... love those hardboiled eggs.  perfect for snacks... could even slip this in my purse if I want.
- and, in the back, panda picks and panda baran... now have to get a panda bento box to match!

I'm very pleased with the high quality of the plastic...  none of those flimsy bentos here.  The Miffy boxes are very sturdy: my only problem will be not spilling the food when I try to open them!  But, they should become a little more flexible with use.  I am worried that the clips on the onigiri box could break off, but I'm careful.

And, all the boxes are dishwasher and microwave safe (but not the lids)!

Now, of couse, I'm looking back at the site and going "how did I miss this?"  I'm on spending restriction, though, after ordering all these bento supplies... I have another order coming from fitjp next week.  :D  Bento & Co is having a winter sale (after I ordered, of course)... they shipped on 1/6 and it arrived on 1/14.  Not bad!

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