Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slovak bento... #6

I'm 7/8 Slovak, visit Slovakia every summer to teach English, and incorporate Slovak foods into my diet fairly frequently.  Actually, I grew up eating Polish and Slovak food.

So, it's not surprising that some Slovak food will find its way into my bentos.

- chicken paprikas with peppers... except that I made mine more of a stir-fry instead of stewed chicken
- brown jasmine rice
- cherry tomatoes
- cucumber salad, a.k.a. uhorkovy salat


If you're interested in traditional Slovak cuisine, here's a great blog: Slovak Cooking.


  1. I've actually never tried Slovak food. Maybe I should try it sometime! The bento looks nice and well balanced. :)

  2. If you want to try some, here are a few recipes I'd recommend:
    -Leco (well, it's really more hungarian)
    - poppyseed noodles
    - chicken paprikas
    - stuffed pepper

    I really love this website! ;)