Saturday, February 5, 2011

bento one dozen!

This was my lunch on Thursday:

- onigiri with a little furikake ... moon and star cut-outs in nori.  These were from the freezer... still have one left to use
- sauteed spinach
- hot dog flowers
- green pepper as filler
- hardboiled egg
- green grapes
- satsuma

This one was quick to put together... random whatever I found in the refrigerator and freezer.  Apparently all my picks were hiding when I made it.  ;)  I like having a variety of bento boxes so I can choose which color will go best with the meal I plan to make.  ;)  I should get a red one because I have a hard time incorporating red foods into my bentos... there are cherry tomatoes and red pepper, which I don't even like raw. 


  1. THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE! Where do you get most of your bento, again? I WANT TO GET SOME!

  2. I'll write a post soon about places to get bento... maybe on Tuesday.

  3. I would love to see a post about where to get bento stuff. I'm in the middle of nowhere and nowhere within 150 miles sells actual bento supplies... yes, I've checked every one of those miles! Very nice bento overall. Quite yummy.

  4. Oops, never mind that! Should've checked the date (came through What's for Lunch Wed). I am LOVING Fit. Never heard of it, couldnt find it through any of my searches. Too bad a lot of the stuff is out of stock, but the prices are looking good. Thanks!

  5. Glad the post helped! Fit is so much fun! I'm hoping they'll update their website when they get more in stock.

  6. LOL red pepper does look good in a bento, doesn't it?! Yay for your dozen!

  7. I have some red pepper for tomorrow's bento. :)