Sunday, January 23, 2011

breakfast bento #3

So, you didn't think you'd be seeing any sandwiches appearing in my bentos, did you?  Well, you probably won't see many for lunch unless I'm craving tuna salad, bologna, or ham salad.

However, this is a breakfast bento, and I like sandwiches for breakfast.  More of an European thing, I guess.  Theirs are typically open-faced (at least in Slovakia), but it's easier to eat with the bread holding everything together.  ;)

- ham sandwich: the ham is cooked in Bull-Dog sauce.  It tastes a bit like chipped ham (a Pittsburgh favorite, if you're not familiar with it), and it's my new breakfast favorite
- satsuma and a few banana slices

I used the largest of my new Miffy bentos.  Pretty simple, overall.  I wondered later why I didn't throw in a few sheets of baran to separate the sandwich from the fruit-- and for a little more color.

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