Saturday, January 22, 2011

bento swap!

I participated in my first-ever swap.  Well, okay, I'm in one on Craftster right now, and while I've sent, my participant hasn't received yet, and neither have I.

Back to bento... I swapped with another bento enthusiast on flickr.  It was fun, and she was super-generous!  The funny thing is that she only lives an hour south of I.

She said she wanted to spoil me because I'm just getting into bento.  :)  Yup, I feel spoiled!
- Putifresh green bento... love this color
- yellow bento with a cute little guy on the front!  It looks like it's the perfect size for a salad on the bottom and a sandwich and a few snacks up top
- hamburger bento!  Seriously, I'd been looking at these and was considering one as my next purchase!
- tootsie roll snack bento!
- onigiri wrappers... cute animals and soccer ball shapes
- a natural lunch fork, spoon, and chopstick set with case
- small containers: two hearts, a cupcake, and a hostess cupcake
- two sets of cutters: a sandwich dolphin one and a flower/garden set
- many picks, suitable for all seasons!  The dolphin, fall, and flip-flop ones are my favorites

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