Thursday, January 6, 2011

so, things haven't gone as planned...

but that's life, and when does it usually?  ;)  I'm on the job hunt-- have one part-time job teaching at a local community college, but still need another job, and one that pays.  Those who teach at college level do so because they love to teach, not to make money.

But, since I'm not working much, I don't need to pack a lunch yet.  Which means no bento.  That doesn't mean I didn't order a few more bento boxes, of course.  :)  They'll be here later this month.

Over Christmas, I did make a "travel bento" for my trip to my parents' house:

- seven ham-wrapped asparagus spears
- baby carrots
- a fat "snowman" hard-boiled egg
- clementine
- previously-frozen onigiri-- I forgot to pop this in the microwave first, so the rice was very dry

My first time using my new lock-and-lock set!  I also packed a small snack bento with a hardboiled egg and another two clementines... hey, I get hungry when I drive!

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