Wednesday, January 12, 2011

why bento?

On a forum I was reading the other day, the topic of conversation was "why do you make bento?"

My foremost reason, as I mentioned yesterday, is to eat more healthily.  It's not a New Year's resolution or anything, just something I'm constantly trying to do.

Many people talk about the portion control aspect of bento, but I don't need that because, well, I have a high metabolism.  Eating 1500 calories a day, with a little exercise, I can lose weight.  Because of my high metabolism, I need more protein to keep me full, which I why I try to eat whole grains to supplement, and why the traditional bento with lots of rice isn't quite for me.  My ratio is more like 3 parts protein, 2 parts grains, and 3 parts vegetable.  And a sweet occasionally, like my current favorite, the clementine.

I love buying things... and, there are so many cute things for bento!  It's gotten a bit out of hand, I admit, as I have two more bento orders on the way.  Whoops!  I just love this kawaii stuff.  I'd love to get some character stuff, but it's even more expensive, and I can't justify spending $15 on a Hello Kitty or Totoru one... so, I'll wait.

And, finally, it's fun!  Spending time thinking about the food I'll eat makes me enjoy it more.  I haven't had much of an appetite lately, so I need some encouragement to eat real food and not just snacks.

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