Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's Your Lunch?

Every Wednesday, What's For Lunch at our House hosts What's for Lunch Wednesday.  Hop over there and post a picture of your bento!


  1. I would do it...but I have no pics to put on!!:(

  2. I’m so tickled with the whole thing I just had to email you. But couldn’t find your email. So, hi! I started following your blog as I found it interesting and cool from the “What’s for Lunch Wednesday” blog-roll. I am always looking for places where to buy bento stuff from… that aren’t local, because there isn’t any local to me. At all. So I really appreciate the link to fitjp!

    Anyway, I’m enjoying your journey quite a bit so far, especially now that I went back and read to the beginnings (so funny how you kind of started it on a whim and it’s so strong! No way would I’ve guessed you had only two months of experience on it!).

    I have always been into Japanese culture since I was a kid, but didn’t start considering bento’ing until I moved up up and away at the beginning of Nov. Being under very strict budget constrains, I cook about 29/30 of my meals. Thought Bento would be fun and interesting, and I’ve had the red version of your bunny-yellow bento box (the two tiered one) for years. Though it was housing my needles and safety pins and colored thread, it is now housing my first very unprepared lunches. I’m on my 4th bento as of 2/10!

    Although I don’t have any bento accessories besides the box yet (until mid March), and no Japanese/Korean/Chinese market anywhere within 60 miles, I plan to make-do with what I have. I look forward to the advances in your journey! Best of luck, and check-you around.