Sunday, February 20, 2011

bento main dishes

I've been compiling a list of different items I can put in bento.  I HATE eating the same things day after day (although I do get in a rut where something sounds good, I'll eat it obsessively, but then rarely again), so variety is important to me.  I look at some bentos and think "how can they eat two cherry tomatoes every single day?"  ;)

It's turning into a long list, too.  Here's the protein portion:

Egg tamagoyaki
Tuna soboro
Balsalmic sesame chicken
Meat soboro
Mini cabbage rolls
Hardboiled egg
Soy sauce egg
Miso egg
Deviled egg
Mini quiche
Mini meatloaf
Chicken teriyaki
Ham-wrapped asparagus
Ham blossom
Octo dogs
Babybel or other cheese
Scotch eggs
Sausage balls
Meatballs w/ cheese in the middle
Pearl meatball
Tsukune (chicken meatballs)
Chicken grilled skewers (yakitori)
Miso chicken
Miso-marinated pork
Spanish tortilla
Lemon chicken nuggets
Salted chicken thighs
Red wine vinegar chicken
Tuna tofu mini burgers
kara-age (Japanese fried chicken)
salmon balls
sesame tofu
Japanese stuffed peppers
Cucumber and chicken salad
Stuffed grape leaves

Some of these I have recipes for, some I don't... if you want a recipe for something, just ask.  Most of them can be found with a quick internet search, however.  Quite a few recipes are from Just Bento.  There are also a few items that are *ahem* not Japanese, like the kofta and dolmades.  I'm interested in other international cuisines as well. 

Starch, veg, and sweets lists to follow.

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