Saturday, February 26, 2011

bento #22... more Indian food!

Made some dahl today and used up the palak paneer leftovers.  Still had some naan dough in the fridge as well.  Oh, and this is a vegetarian bento as well!

- dahl; I don't really use a recipe, but I saute fresh garlic, dried chile, mustardseed, cumin, ginger, and tumeric for a bit, add onion, then add the red lentils and almost twice as much water as lentils.  Let cook about half an hour.  I don't make my dahl as soupy as others do, and I also don't cook it as long.
- leftover palak paneer with fresh tomatoes
- naan
- half an orange and some grapes in a sidecar.  Lots of fruit, I know, but the dahl was a bit spicy, so the fruit was a nice counterpoint.  Ate the grapes concurrently with the dahl, and orange slices were dessert.

For quite a while I said I didn't like fruit, but now I'm finding fruits I do like.  I'm just picky.  ;)

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