Monday, February 7, 2011

bento #13

A bento from the weekend.  I'm getting better at eating with chopsticks; I rarely have to think about what I'm doing anymore and can just eat!  I have four sets and they all get used; in fact, they all need to be washed.  I find the shorter ones are easier to use right now.

- bottom tier: chicken curry with cabbage and onions.  Tasted good but the flavor needed a bit more depth.
- top tier: brown rice onigiri (when I began eating this, I found it had tuna in the middle... I ended up eating it later since it didn't fit with the rest of the meal)
- a few cucumber slices
- grape skewers (I need to go grocery shopping... not much fresh produce left in the fridge!)
- satsuma... working my way through the last of the box

Those poor pandas look like they're balanced precariously on the edge!  Sorry it's a bit blurry... I have a hard time taking good pictures sometimes.

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