Friday, February 25, 2011

bento #21

I'm in love with Indian food right now.  My friend Elisabeth gave me a few tips and taught me to make basic dishes like a chicken curry, dahl, and that curried cabbage of which I'm so fond.  Reading Madjur Jaffrey's childhood memoir, Climbing the Mango Trees, this summer also sparked my interest.

Thus, an Indian cuisine-inspired bento:

In my yellow Urara bento from All Things For Sale:
- chicken tikka masala
- palak paneer, although I didn't pulverize the spinach, and instead of cooking the tomatoes, left them to eat on the side.
- what was supposed to be naan, but it didn't rise, so I cooked it tortilla-style.

Keep in mind that when I post a recipe, I've probably just used it as a rough guide... and may have actually used a compilation of recipes as well.

Also worth noting today: snow day!  I teach one day a week, and of course we had a snow storm that day.  Thankfully, my schedule is pretty flexible.

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