Saturday, February 12, 2011

breakfast bento #7

Today I have a friend's basketball game and then another friend's baby shower, so I packed a breakfast I could eat on my way.  Bento is great for traveling!

- sausage balls, a classic from my childhood (recipe here).  I bake them longer because I like them crispy!
- granola crackers.  I've never heard of them before either... made them up.  Basically a very thin granola bar.
- pineapple and grape skewers.  Apparently I like these picks a lot.
- a hard-boiled egg

Afraid the bento is a bit brown in tone!  That's what meat and starch will do... oh, I also have a thermos of pineapple orange juice to accompany.

* Interesting note: if I lived in Slovakia, I wouldn't be able to eat and drive because it's illegal.  It would make my trips much longer because I'd have to stop and eat every hour: driving makes me even more hungry than usual!

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