Saturday, February 19, 2011

bento #19

Yes, I'm posting a bento on the weekend... just because it was my lunch yesterday.

I actually took two bentos with me: a small one with crackers, smoked sausage, and a deviled egg.  Never took a picture of it, but it wasn't anything fancy... that was my snack while teaching.

Then, as I had to go to Indianapolis after that, I made a lunch.  Good thing, too, as I stopped at a park to walk afterward and didn't end up eating dinner 'til 7pm.

- vegetable and chicken dumplings (got these at Asia Mart in Indy)... very tasty, and cheap for a whole bag of them!  with some soy sauce.
- carrot kinpira
- harboiled egg on a nest of red and green peppers (my third hardboiled egg that day... breakfast, snack, and lunch)
- orange slices

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  1. Oh wow. I also ended up with veggie dumplings! (From Trader Joes'). How weird. :) Looks yummy anyway!