Thursday, February 10, 2011

tonkatsu... bento #14

Finally got to try some tonkatsu!  It tastes yummy.. I think it's from the crispy fried breadcrumbs on top?  ;)

I could call this the lion bento because I use all of my lion picks.  It contains:
- tonkatsu (I used Just Bento/Just Hungry's recipe here) with... tonkatsu sauce, of course!  It's pounded out a bit, Slovak/Central Europe/schnitzel style.
- a little brown rice and soy sauce
- green pepper scattered about
- some leftover honey tangerine... trying new fruits this week!  I like this one.
- cucumber slices
- a few grapes
- star fruit-- I hadn't had this in almost twenty years.  Wasn't expecting it to be so crunchy!  And, a bit sour, but I seem to think that of most fruits.  It tastes like the Christmas of my childhood.

I could have filled that top tier completely with fruit, but I needed some veg as well.  I went grocery shopping last night (I usually go twice a month), so I had many options!  I keep putting carrot kinpira on my list, but it never gets made... maybe later.

I usually draw a quick sketch of my bentos beforehand, and thought I had, but turns out I hadn't, so had to make it up on the fly.  Good thing I had a lot of food about!


  1. Very cute! I like the box. I wish I was that organized to have a bento drawn before hand... I have a hard time figuring out things out.

  2. Thanks, I got the box in a swap... love it too! I find it's easier to make bento if I have a rough sketch... yup, I'm a planner.

    Do you have a bento blog?

  3. Not yet. Just starting out myself. :\ I have 1 box (two tiered, rather small one), so my lunches are not very pretty at all (neither is my cell-taken photography!). I might do one later on after I launch my first real bento purchase at the end of Feb, though! Love getting ideas from bloggers out there. :)

  4. Sorry about that! What I was gonna say is soooo cuteeeeee
    Cat :-)