Monday, February 14, 2011

bento #16

Snack bento!  I taught on Friday, it's a four-hour class (yes, four hours!  It's a 12 week semester instead of 16 weeks), so I needed something to sustain me as the class goes right over lunch time (10am-2).

See those little hearts?  My nod to Valentine's Day.  ;)

This is the first time I've used this bento... it's only 310 ml, so a bit small for normal use.  The lids fit down inside the boxes, so you can't fill them even close to the top.  Still, I love the cat!
- triscuits, cheese
- smoked sausage
- cucumber
- a deviled egg

I didn't end up eating it until after class... I was planning during break 1 and chatting with students during break 2.  The cheese made the triscuits a little soggy... or maybe it was the fact that they'd been in the fridge overnight.  So, I at it on my way home... and then ate dinner three hours later.  :D


  1. Looks great for snacking!

    I've noticed crackers do get soggy when paired with cheese in a same container (no idea why), but maybe I need to play with it a bit more and see what's causing the reaction... I didn't refrigerate, though. Cute box indeed.

  2. I thought about putting the cheese on one side and the crackers on the other... but that's not as visually appealing!

  3. I always have to pack my crackers separately or they get a case of the sog. Nice bento and I love the kitteh box!

  4. Do you pack them in a separate box, or just not touching the other foods?


  5. You used this box perfectly well! A perfect snack for me, and a VERY CUTE Bento box!