Friday, March 11, 2011

breakfast bento #13

More breakfast... I should have known better than to eat this much sugar for breakfast, though!  I didn't have that firm feeling I needed.  I used to never eat fruit for breakfast; now I can as long as I have plenty of protein as well, and a half cup of yogurt isn't enough.

- banana and orange salad; tossed with lemon juice, a little sweet marmalade, and honey
- blueberry yogurt and a little granola

For some reason, I decided to put the lids in the picture too.  I like the red heart.


  1. That's really cute still. The heart container is awesome. Much better than my breakfasts 9/10 times. Do you eat them on the go or at home? I'm sort of curious.

  2. I've eaten about half my breakfasts on the go... in the car or while waiting at a shop or so. I tend to pack more sandwich-like stuff when I'm on the go. I ate this one at home.

  3. Thanks for your visit!
    Love your blog!!!