Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bento #33

Yes, more mushroom risotto... my new comfort food.  Or, just favorite food in general.  And a vegetarian bento.

- mushroom risotto with a cherry tomato
- sliced cucumbers and baby carrots
- ranch dressing

Fairly simple overall, and very easy to put together!  Sorry the picture is so dark!  It was night and I couldn't get good lighting.


  1. That bento is definitely up my alley! Mushroom risotto sounds like a very good rice variation. I should try it. My rice usually includes fried rice or rice and beans, or you know, white rice. But very few things can go wrong when mushrooms are involved!

  2. I use short-grain brown rice for my risotto now, so that gives it a nice texture and makes it healthier. Protein! :P