Monday, March 14, 2011


At the grocery store the other day, I found a package of somen noodles on sale... a dollar!  Yay, now I get to try some new food.  There was also a package of soba... an instant type, like ramen, but it will be fun to try anyway.

I've also bought some soba noodles... didn't quite like the texture.  One of my favorite quick meals is to boil some wheat spaghetti noodles, add mushroom bullion and some soy sauce with whatever meat and veg I have on hand, and I think spaghetti noodles will still work best for this.

Okay, from what I've read, most Japanese noodles (like somen and udon) are made from wheat flour... but why aren't they brown like wheat noodles or soba?  Are they made from bleached flour? and doesn't that make it white flour anyway?  Does anyone know?

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