Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm a hike-a-holic,

as will be evidenced by my weekend.

Friday: 11.5 miles
Saturday: 1.5 miles
Sunday: 7 miles
Monday: 8 miles
Today: rest  ;)

My feet have held up remarkably well... only lost part of a toenail (not the dead black way), have two blisters on the same toe (underneath!), and have a bruise on the top of my foot... not sure about that one.  I'm going hiking tomorrow as well, probably with an umbrella!

I'm finding hiking easier than it was last year, although that's probably because it hasn't been above 72 degrees yet.  Hiking in 85 degree weather is much different!  And, I should add, these are flat Midwest trails, nothing exciting, rugged, or steep.  Just a few casual hills.

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  1. Very nice, good for you! I've never gone hiking, but it must be nice as long as the weather holds up.