Friday, May 6, 2011

books... hiking... and the AT

A Walk in the Woods is the one that started it all.   I read this and thought "I really want to read more about the Appalachian Trail."  So, I did.  Oh, and I also read almost all of Bryson's other books, too!

I read:

A Walk for Sunshine, Jeff Alt
A Woman's Journey, Cindy Ross (very light, not many details, with her illustrations)
Barefoot Sisters: Southbound, Lucy and Susan Letcher (started this last week! and have the sequel, too.  I think this is the only SOBO book I read, and it's messed up my internal map a bit. I feel like they're doing everything backward!)
Bearfoot: A Northbounder E-mails from the Appalachian Trail, Patrick Pittard (very good... a slightly different corporate-lived perspective)
Blind Courage, Bill Irwin (yes, a blind man walks the Appalachian Trail.  If you only read one book, I'd recommend this one)
In Beauty May She Walk, Leslie Mass (LOVED this!  she hiked the AT at age 60! I believe this is the first book I read after Walk in the Woods)
Long-Distance Hiking: Lessons from the Appalachian Trail, Roland Mueser (still reading)
On the Beaten Path by Robert Aldin Ruben
Walking Home: A Woman's Pilgrimage on the AT, Kelly Winters (I have to admit, I like books by women hikers the best)
Walking the Appalachian Trail, Larry Luxenberg

Books I still want to read: too many to list, but I have at least a dozen on my wishlist!
Oh, I also read a few trail journals during the summer.  That means, in the past year, I've read at least FIFTEEN accounts of hiking the AT.  It doesn't get repetitive, either!

Then, I decided to start reading about another trail, the Pacific Crest Trail.

A Blistered Kind of Love, Angela and Duffy Ballard
The Cactus Eaters, Dan White
Journey on the Crest, Cindy Ross  (I also have her CDT book)

Other trails:
Crossing Arizona, Chris Townsend (Arizona Trail... very good!)
The Man Who Walked Through Time, Colin Fletcher (walks the floor of the Grand Canyon...still reading)
Where the Waters Divide, Karen Berger (Continental Divide Trail)

There might be a book or two that I've missed (no, I'm not kidding!).  A few of them are on loan to my friend and sister.

The exciting thing is that new books have been published since I was looking these up last summer, so I have about two dozen new books to read!  :)

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