Friday, May 20, 2011

bento #89

Obligatory trying-to-be-witty introduction.

Barely descriptive list of food in bento (corned beef patties, veg).

Trying-to-be- interesting conclusion.



  1. The corned beef patties look sooo good. I'd love to know how toy made them

  2. I also like the patties, they are really a great item for a quick freezer stash. And yummy, I see. That reminds me that I have a bento box just like that, which it's currently holding other stuff. Sigh!

  3. @MewlKitten... I mashed leftover potatoes, carrots, and corned beef bits together... I think I added a little egg and breadcrumbs to bind them. Oh, and garlic salt. It was a while ago...

    @TJ... you're supposed to put food in your bento boxes! ;)