Thursday, May 19, 2011

bento #88

It seemed like not too long ago, I was quickly on my way to bento #100... wasn't that several weeks ago I was at #75?  I guess I've been moving more slowly these days.

Another breakfast bento... love these
- the right half has a layer of grits you can't see... with ham and green pepper cooked in them, sprinkled with a bit of cheese
- fried egg on top
- broccoli (raw!  I actually ate it!  I figured since I ate it at my friend's house in a salad the other day, I should be able to eat it here.  Of course, I did use it to scrape up the leftover grits bits
- red pepper and some grapes


  1. I know that 'slow' feeling you're talking about!
    Great lunch though, love the colors.

  2. Very pretty (and tasty, I'm sure). I know what you mean, it's been a few slow months/weeks for me.