Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bento #92

Getting closer to #100!  I ordered Chinese food the other day... I had two solid days of grading ahead of me, knew I wouldn't feel like cooking, so went ahead and splurged.  Thus, I'm eating Chinese leftovers for several days.  :)

- garlic chicken with broccoli; rice
- strawberries and a mini banana

Turns out I didn't like the mini bananas very much.  They get mushy quicker and more easily than normal bananas, and I'm not a mushed banana fan.

This is also a camouflage bento; green veg in the green container, red veg in the orange container.  Can you find the broccoli and strawberries?  :D


  1. I tried the mini banana's once. My friend had some that she wanted to get rid of so she gave one to me to try. It was gross. She ended up throwing the rest out because no one liked them.

  2. That's a good descriptor... gross. :D