Wednesday, November 7, 2012

bento #146

I'm using a new bento box today-- it's actually a set of three I got from Bento & Co, three nesting Totoro boxes (he's on the lid), but I just used the largest at 400 ml.  This one is much deeper than I'm used to for a bento, so I had a hard time filling it properly.

Left to right:
- chicken katsu and fried tofu
- kambocha squash, roasted with chili sesame oil
- two hot dog flowers, slightly brown
- one cherry tomato and a few pea pods
- grape skewer and a few slices of lotus root

I bought the lotus root last weekend-- when I heard it was similar to water chestnut I didn't think I'd like it, but it's okay.  I simmered it with some water and sugar, but not enough to make it sweet.  I think I'll like it cooked with soy sauce, but I wanted it white for the bento.

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