Saturday, November 3, 2012

bento #145

Super excited because I'm going to a football game today!  Penn State vs. Purdue, and I'm rooting for PSU-- my dad went to school there.  Have all my PSU gear ready to wear as it looks like it will be cold.

I packed a few snack bentos for along the way.  I'm leaving early so I can go to an Asian grocery and get some bento food.  :)  The larger bento is for my... second lunch?  Well, to eat at some time during the day.  I'll put the smaller one into my pocket to take to the game.

- hard boiled eggs, fish and bear
- babybell cheese
- cocktail sausages (they're shaped like fish in the yellow one, but it's difficult to tell
- pickles and grapes in the yellow bento

We are!

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