Saturday, December 11, 2010

my first bento!

Last night I whipped up my first bento-- now that my supplies had arrived-- that I would eat for lunch today.  My brother had an all-day basketball tournament, so what better time to bring a lunch?

- 2 onigiri (1 in each tier... with a little furikake mixed in).  These were wrapped in plastic because I'd made them the night before and didn't want them to dry out in the bento
- baby carrots with ranch (in the little green cup)
- cucumber slices
- deviled egg (I used 1 half for the photos but included the other half before I packed it
- turkey meatballs with red pepper flower for garnish
- satsuma

I was surprised at the amount of food I can pull from a bento as I was eating, but the tiers are shallow!  I guess I thought I might be able to stand a baby carrot on end, at least.

*Sorry, I'm definitely not a photographer, much less a food photographer!


  1. love the look of your first bento! you photographed it very nicely. congratulations!