Tuesday, December 7, 2010

anime, me?

This interest in bento has started me watching Hikaru no Go.  I never though I'd be watching anime-- and enjoying it.  I'm sure the focus on a strategy board game helps-- in fact, I'd now like to try Go, when before I had no interest in it.

I can now say "yes" in Japanese.  :)  And, I saw some kamaboko in a soup bowl during an episode... I was like "something I recognize."  I was rather excited when Hikaru's friend brought him a furushiki-wrapped bento during the Go tournament... and, I knew what it was.

I'm turning into some kind of Otaku.  ;)  Actually, I learned that phrase from a student last year-- it was the subculture he studied.  And, I have a long way to go, and knowing me, once I pass a certain level of competency (usually when I understand the basics of a subculture's jargon), it's time to move on...

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