Thursday, December 9, 2010

bento foods

I'm developing a long list of food I can use in bento.  I've arranged it into five categories: protein, starch, veg (cooked and uncooked), and fruit/sweet.  Since I like cooked veg much better than raw, I'll try to include one from each category, just so I will get some raw veg.  And, I probably won't include fruit unless it's something in-season (like satsumas!) because I'm not a fruit fan.

I'm also not a fan of eating the same thing all the time; thus the reason for the long list. When I look at the tiny bits of food I see in bentos, I think "don't they get tired of eating 2 cherry tomatoes EVERY DAY?"  ;)  When you use little bits, they don't get used up as quickly.  

When I say long, yes, I do mean long.  Quite a compilation of recipes.  If anyone actually reads this blog sometime and asks for the list, I'd be happy to oblige.

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