Friday, December 10, 2010

my first supplies!

A box arrived today... I'd been tracking it... waiting for it... my first bento supplies!

Granted, I'd picked these out last week, when I knew a lot less about bento.  I'd placed the order last Thursday.  I'd only been reading about bento for two days, so I wasn't even entirely sure what I would need, but figured I could set up a pretty good selection.

here's my loot... early Christmas present to myself:

- A lock-and-lock blue/green system (in the case)
- Urara yellow two-tier bento
- green onigiri case
- yellow "deli style" snack box, and they (All Things for Sale) threw in the larger one as a gift!
- animal soy sauce bottles
- triangle onigiri molds... already used these
- flower-shaped cutters
- sauce containers (4)
- cute "head" picks
- a container of furikake, as I'd never had it before.  Put some in my onigiri  :)
- 5 little silicone cups

Yes, the bentos were small, but at least I was prepared.  I'm mostly confident I can fit what I want into the Urara one... stay tuned later tonight or tomorrow morning for my first bento!

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  1. OK, now you've got us all curious about Bento! The kids loved it (Emma especially)! Can you give me the website where you got this set and/or give me some other website suggestions for cute, cheap stuff?