Tuesday, December 7, 2010

dollar store foraging

I checked out a few dollar stores over the weekend and found these:

Oddly enough, at two different dollar stores... the larger box at one, the two smaller ones as a set at another.  There were also a koala double-pack, and I wish I'd picked those up as well, now that I know what I'll use them for...

The small panda cups are the perfect size for a hardboiled egg... took one to work today! In fact, you can see an egg in the bottom one in the photo.  ;)

My first unofficial bento... I call this my "snack set."  The larger panda will be good for a nice-sized snack... probably about a cup and a half.

I'm finding I really like pandas-- taking over my sister's favorite childhood animal.  I think it's the black and white contrast.  Or maybe seeing Ling Ling and Sing Sing in the Washington zoo in 1990... I actually remember this because my sister was so excited.  I think it was the highlight of her trip.

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