Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm back... with a new direction?

Hi!  Is anyone out there in blog land?  I've come back recently from an absence... just got hungry for some cute healthy lunches-- and was craving rice!

While I don't want to change the direction of my blog completely-- I still want to post bentos-- I have been thinking if there's anything else I can add here. 

So, is there anything else you'd like to see?  Any topics, ideas you'd like to hear about?  Highlight recipes that could be used in a bento?

After looking at more bento blogs over the weekend, I've found that more than half don't fit the expression I'm going for.  While I have nothing against sandwiches, most are geared toward children and thus don't contain some of the most important aspects of bento (to me): visually pleasing and healthy.  While shaped sandwiches can be visually different-- and pleasing-- they don't fit into that Japanese aesthetic in the same way.  They also tend to be heavier on fruits vs. vegetables (sometimes those are missing), and can also contain pre-packaged foods that I try to avoid; that's why I'm packing bento in the first place.

I'm not criticizing those who do make bento in the above fashion-- there are legitimate reasons for these differences-- that's just not my bent.

So, is there anyone else out there who creates bentos like mine? 


  1. I make a lot of different kind of bentos. Some of them do contain prepackaged foods (Usually when I'm going for a theme or I'm being lazy). But most of the time I try to make healthy well balanced bentos. (It's hard making balaced bentos sometimes when there are so many things going on in my life.)
    I make bentos for myself and my fiance and I often use leftovers from dinner when making my bentos. I also have to make mine Gluten free, but I also try to make vegetarian bentos sometimes.
    If you want to see any of my bentos please check out my blog

  2. I don't call them bentos (because, as I understand bento, it's supposed to be very cute and often has faces--which I don't do), but I do pack a lunch nearly every day for myself that strives for visual appeal and health benefits. And I have yet to blog about a sandwich! (Unless you count pizza or the occasional tortilla wrap, but even that is rare--although both have made an appearance recently.)

    My focus is on ways a single adult can eat a variety of foods without making it prohibitively expensive or too time consuming. I write as I learn. You can see my lunches here: