Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bento #113

I think this one looks cute and pretty.  I also like the way the background is reflected on the box.

- bear and flower-shaped onigiri-- with faces!  The flower looks like she's singing  :P
- spinach tamagoyaki
- blackberries
- miso chicken (half a thigh)
- lightly steamed broccoli
- half a clementine

Several halves here... I made two smaller bentos, 300ish calories each, for today and tomorrow.  It's easier to make double of everything (tamagoyaki, miso chicken... the onigiri were in the freezer) and set some aside for later than cook twice.

And, look at all those colors!  White, black, yellow, green, orange, brown... and red for the box.  :D

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