Monday, December 5, 2011

bento #112

Travel bento!  When I'm heading out, I like to take a bento to eat in the car... instead of stopping for fast food.  I'd also planned to take an apple along but forgot that.  This was when I was heading to MI for Thanksgiving with my family.

- two onigiri (I'd forgotten how much I liked short-grain white rice!)
- a clementine
- teriyaki chicken (once again, looking a tad dark)  ;)
- tamagoyaki (getting better at making these!)
- sauteed zucchini
- oh, and the last four grapes in my refrigerator

Looks a bit pale... I didn't have much choice as far as the lighting was concerned.  I've been having a hard time taking good (clear!) pictures lately even though I'm using the same set-up as I did before.

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