Thursday, December 8, 2011

bento #115

Took this one at night, so excuse the color.  Used the night setting on my camera.  Actually, it turned out better (less grainy, anyway!) than the other pictures I've taken lately!  The fact that we haven't seen the sunshine the past eight days doesn't help.. as I take my pictures next to the window with lots of natural light.  I don't remember Indiana winters being this grey before... although it hasn't been much of a winter since it's rained the past three days as well.

I needed a snack bento for all the grading I'll be doing these next two weeks... 7 classes' worth of essays, then final exams (also essays).
- triscuit crackers
- cheese and pepperoni
- blackberries, two olives
- a dark chocolate Hershey's kiss


  1. Bento snacks for grading are a great idea! I've got to file that one away. I usually end up with a soda and microwave popcorn. Best of luck getting that done--it always makes me feel like I've lost all my education by the end, somehow, and I no longer know how to write a complete sentence without some ridiculous error in it.

    It has been quite a dreary winter, hasn't it? And it isn't even winter yet.

  2. Had a microwave popcorn for grading today. :)

    Oh, and we had sunlight today! I was so excited!