Monday, April 18, 2011

bento #69

A picnic bento!  Okay, it doesn't look any different from my other bentos... but I did eat it outside.  We had a few nice, very warm days last week, and I thought some sunshine would be good for me.  I had originally planned to grade journals, but once I finished eating, I had to hike... I was at the park, after all!  Did a little over three miles.

- breaded fish with tartar sauce (in the green bird)
- also, a few apple slices
- rice ball.  I like cold onigiri... if it's white rice!  (I used a wrap that one of my swap partners sent me).
- red cabbage slaw.  Takes a long time to work through a whole head of cabbage, but I'm not tired of the slaw yet, so I keep making more.


  1. It's funny, I am in a slaw mood as well. Wish they sold half-head of red cabbage, though!

  2. Sometimes my grocery has half-heads of green cabbage, but never red. Good thing it lasts so long!

  3. Red cabbage slaw is really good isn't it